All collectibles in The Devil’s Pass in Evil West

  1. Where to find all Lore in The Devil's Pass
    1. Emilia and Vergil in Calico, 1884
    2. Vergil's Curriculum
    3. Agent Bloom's Bestiary (1/3)
    4. Agent Bloom's Bestiary (2/3)
    5. Agent Bloom's Bestiary (3/3)
  2. Where to find all Chests in The Devil's Pass
    1. First Chest
    2. Second Chest
  3. Where to find all Cash in The Devil's Pass
    1. First Cash
    2. Second Cash
    3. Third Cash
    4. Fourth Cash
    5. Fifth Cash
    6. Sixth Cash
    7. Seventh Cash
    8. Eighth Cash
    9. Ninth Cash
    10. Tenth Cash
    11. Eleventh Cash
    12. Twelfth Cash
    13. Thirteenth Cash
    14. Fourteenth Cash
    15. Fifteenth Cash
    16. Sixteenth Cash
    17. Seventeenth Cash
    18. Eighteenth Cash
    19. Nineteenth Cash

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The fifth chapter in the 16-part story of Jesse the vampire hunter holds 27 collectibles. Here's where you can find all of them so that you can continue your journey to 100% completion. If you missed a collectible, you'll be able to explore the world and return to gather what you missed.

Where to find all Lore in The Devil's Pass

Emilia and Vergil in Calico, 1884

Go to the desk by the stretcher in the starting area. You should find a picture of Emilia and Vergil in Calico.

Vergil's Curriculum

Move towards the mission marker. Go inside the room and to the left of Vergil's device is a collectible on a workbench.

Agent Bloom's Bestiary (1/3)

When you are in the area where you fought the bandits, blow up the dynamite on the left path to get the cash. Then, turn around and go in the opposite direction. You'll find this piece of lore in the middle of your path.

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Agent Bloom's Bestiary (2/3)

After moving through the waterfall area, you'll come upon some enemies. Defeat them and then shoot down a lock that will release a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and you'll find this collectible in your path.

Agent Bloom's Bestiary (3/3)

After you fight the Vampire Highborn, jump the fence to find this last piece of lore on the path.

Where to find all Chests in The Devil's Pass

First Chest

After you've killed the enemies that spawned near the hut and shot down the hanged body, drop down from the path. You'll find a chest that contains $88 and a Booming Business hidden perk.

Second Chest

Once you've grabbed the last piece of Agent Bloom's Bestiary, you'll come across a fork. Go to the right and drop down. Follow the path until its end to receive a chest with $199 and a Ghost Rifle Skin.

Where to find all Cash in The Devil's Pass

First Cash

From the starting area, go down two flights of stairs. Enter the morgue and then walk through until you hit the second room on the left. You should find $48 on top of a barrel.

Second Cash

When you are in the factory area of the headquarters, look to the left of the vault door.

Third Cash

Once you are outside, go downhill to where you can find the stagecoaches. There will be a small crate on the right that contains $79.

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Fourth Cash

After you pick up the $79, follow the right-most path until its end where you will find $368 in a chest.

Fifth Cash

Turn around, but go right instead of left this time and you'll find a glowing crate that has $44.

Sixth Cash

Once you are in the area where you fought the bandits, go back to where you came in. Look for the path on the left. There should be TNT there that can be blown up to reveal $81.

Seventh Cash

After you pick up Agent Bloom's Bestiary lore, shoot the lock and climb the chain. After you defeat the enemies, shoot the hanged body on the tree that's to the left of the hut that spawned the enemies. You should find $89 there.

Eighth Cash

Continue on and you'll hit a spot where you'll need to move to the left if you want to continue. Look at the grass that's between the bridge and the area you're headed to find a crate that has money on it.

Ninth Cash

Once you've hit the area with the Gunslinger and Servant Brute enemies and defeated them, climb up on the ledge and you'll find $113 hidden in a chest.

Tenth Cash

Drop down from where you received the $113 in the chest and go through the crack. After you've squeezed through, blow up the TNT and take the $179 from the chest.

Eleventh Cash

Move uphill and you'll find a chain that you can use to drop down. Don't drop down, but instead turn around and you'll find a glowing crate that contains $58.

Twelfth Cash

Drop down with the chain to find $88 on a barrel.

Thirteenth Cash

After you've pushed the cart, turn around and go back up to grab $107.

Fourteenth Cash

Drop down and then check the bushes that are on your right. $66 should be on a nearby rock.

Fifteenth Cash

Keep moving downstream and you will eventually hit upon $47.

Sixteenth Cash

Turn around and move upstream until you eventually hit several waterfalls. Look on the left side of the area and you'll find a crate that contains $95.

Seventeenth Cash

Drop down in the waterfall area and look to your left. You'll find another crate with $80.

Eighteenth Cash

Look at the left side of the pond and you'll find a chain. Destroy the chain and then look behind it to find a chest with $135.

Nineteenth Cash

$51 can be found in the same area as where you fought the Vampire Highborn.

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