Apex Legends could get major class rework soon, according to leak

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Apex Legends features a rapidly growing roster, adding a new Legend every season. Each Legend is assigned a class, but with such a large roster, the class system soon may not encompass the many unique aspects and abilities of all the legends. According to a leak, Respawn could be looking to change up the class system in coming seasons of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends insider Thordan Smash, shared the potential class system changes on Twitter. Thordan has previously shared information about potential class changes, but the new leak explains the potential changes in more detail. The leak has not been confirmed by Respawn and any class system rework that could happen may be subject to changes.

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Some of the changes include new perks for existing classes and a new or revamped classes. The classes include Assault, Control, Support, Recon, and Skirmisher. The notes also indicate that the Assault class will have a perk that allows them to loot red bins and have extra inventory for ammo. While other class perks are not mentioned, this could mean that other classes may get a new or reworked perks.

Along with the class changes, a few legends are expected to switch classes. Gibraltar and Newcastle could potentially be staying in the Support class, while Caustic, Rampart, Wattson, and Catalyst will move to the new Defense class. The Skirmisher class will include Mirage, Wraith, and others who fit the "hit and run" style of play.

The leak also indicates that Pathfinder and Mirage could potentially be reworked for the class changes. The class system changing seems like it would have a large effect on gameplay and could potentially improve it by making the classes more in tune with all the available legends.

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