Apex Legends End of the Year 2022 Sale – All items and how to get them

As the end of 2022 winds down, sales are hitting the Apex Legends store for the End of the Year sale. From now until January 10, 2023, you can grab discounted items or even gift them with the Apex Legends gifting system.

Apex Legends End of the Year 2022 Sale Bundles

Here are items in the Apex Legends End of the Year 2022 sale:

Bundle Items Price
Hell Bent Pack Bundle Legendary Hell Bent Loba Skin, 30 Apex Packs 3,950 Apex Coins
Kawaii Kitty Pack Bundle Legendary Kawaii Kitty Wattson Skin,30 Apex Packs 3,950 Apex Coins
Sanguine Pack Bundle Legendary Rift Stalker Wraith Skin, Legendary Gilded Fang R-99 Skin, Epic Strike Solo weapon charm, 20 Apex Packs 3,950 Apex Coins
Judge Jury Executioner Bundle Legendary Judge Jury Lifeline Skin, Legendary Regal Spike G7 Scout Skin 2,150 Apex Coins
The Centurion Bundle Legendary Centurion Bloodhound Skin, Legendary Regal Spike skin 2,150 Apex Coins
Happy New Year's Pack Bundle Epic Contact Point weapon charm, 100 Rare Apex Packs 6,700 Apex Coins
20-Pack Bundle Epic Celestial Keepsake weapon charm, 20 Rare Apex Packs 1,000 Apex Coins
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Many of the skins in the bundles have been available before, but with Apex Packs included in each bundle, players may pull some good items. Each of the featured bundles also has cheaper options with only 20 Apex Packs included but cost less at 2,500 Apex Coins.

The bundles are the featured items for the End of the Year 2022 sale, but players can also grab a couple of recolors and other items. Players can grab the Nomad Overseer Crypto Skin for 1,250 Apex Coins during the event. The recolors include the Bittersweet Mozambique skin, recolored from Impulse Fire, and the Lifeline Bling Lifeline skin, a recolor of the Peak Performer skin.

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