Are there multiple Fire Emblem Engage endings?

While some may expect multiple Fire Emblem Engage endings, considering the expansive nature of the previous entry in the series, it doesn’t look like that’s a reality this time around. Still, there are some options to tell your individual tale on your playthrough.

There are Fire Emblem Engage romance options, helping you pair the main character, Alear, with one of the many characters that join your party, thus affecting the way the game progresses. It’s also not impossible that there are surprises beyond the ones revealed in Fire Emblem Engage reviews, but we have to wait for release day to see that.

Are there multiple Fire Emblem Engage endings?

There are not multiple Fire Emblem Engage endings in the traditional sense. Unlike the previous game, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Engage doesn’t have multiple story routes. There’s one story which you follow.

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Still, there are opportunities for player choice, with different bonds between characters leading to hidden scenes and possible romance. Meanwhile, paralogue battles offer optional side stories and hidden characters to find. That’s really the extent of it, however.

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