Bandai Namco’s Park Beyond showcases Management feature in new trailer 

Park Beyond is an upcoming theme park management simulation video game developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The players’ creative abilities will be put to the test in Park Beyond as they will be tasked with designing an amusement park in the role of a visionary architect who has just been recruited by a financially struggling company.

With the variety of controls at their disposal, players are free to design the theme park of their dreams. In addition, players will embark on a story-driven campaign mode that will guide them through the ins and outs of theme park management as well as how to construct increasingly insane rides and modular coasters. They will also work together with Phil, an enthusiastic park veteran, Izzy, the strict but kind CEO, and a host of other colorful and passionate characters to develop an amusement park company that is successful and profitable.

In a previous trailer, Park Beyond showcased its modular placement system which enables users to modify rides by changing a variety of attributes, including slope, yaw, pitch, roll, and loops. Today, Bandai Namco introduces another feature of Park Beyond that relates to theme park management. Take a look at the Park Beyond – Management Trailer, courtesy of Bandai Namco official Youtube channel:

In the latest Park Beyond trailer, the character Hemlock, also referred to as the “God of Management,” was introduced. Hemlock appears to be the antagonist of the game as he is portrayed to be a greedy park manager who is planning on sabotaging the amusement park in some way. As such, players must make the most out of the controls available to effectively manage their theme park and guarantee that visitors have a pleasant experience during their time there.

A variety of tools for customizing theme parks, including paths, tracks, an Impossification mode, and a Land Extension option, were shown in the trailer as well. As players take on the position of a manager of a theme park, they will find that each of tool and option will be absolutely necessary for becoming a successful park manager.

Park Beyond is expected to be released this year for PlayStation 5, Xbox X|S, and PC via Steam.


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