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Looking to play a Mage in World of Warcraft Dragonflight? If so, you may want to know what the best spec to play is. With the way Dragonflight has handled content, this time around, your spec is almost as important as your class. Here's the best Mage spec in WoW Dragonflight.

Dragonflight - Best Mage Spec

Without a doubt, the best Mage spec is Arcane in both PvE and PvP content. Arcane continues its trend of being the Mage spec with the biggest numbers because of the way its main mechanic, Arcane Charge, works. On top of the fact that the spec has every tool needed for almost every situation, Arcane easily sits top of the other two specs, Fire and Frost.

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In PvE, Arcane is a powerhouse, sporting some of the largest numbers you will ever see in WoW. Its overall DPS is within the top eight when it comes to raid encounters, and the spec has instant cast abilities to make moving encounters sustainable. A core ability to Arcane, Evocation, allows the spec to dump incredible amounts of burst damage into a target, then restore all of the lost mana within a few seconds. The catch with Arcane is that it is difficult to play well. It is simple enough to deal massive damage, but Arcane requires Arcane Charge and mana management to deal high damage over longer encounters.

In PvP, where rotational requirements tend to be null, Arcane excels at bursting down high-value targets. Because encounters here will be short, there is not as much need for Arcane to be as concerned about running out of mana. Of course, this is still something to avoid on principle, but in the scenario where it does happen, the effects are not as dire. In addition, Arcane has access to almost all of the same CC(Crowd Control) abilities Fire and Frost does, making it perfect viable for kiting targets.

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