Best PVE builds in New World

After a slightly rocky start, action MMORPG New World is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to a string of strong updates. While PVP is still one of the game’s strengths, there’s also plenty for PVE fans to love as long as you like a challenge. You can only lock in a few combat skills at a time but are able to switch between two weapons, which makes for some interesting tactical decisions. Here we’ll talk about the best PVE builds in New World.

Best PVE healer build: Life Staff/Void Gauntlet

The life staff is the go-to weapon of the healer, so if you want to play this role it’s really down to what to pair with it. The void gauntlet can ad some strong void damage to the mix, while also supporting and complementing your healing work.

Best PVE DPS builds

We’re putting three options here, but there are so many solid ones to choose from. It’s going to boil down to your chosen play style, but these cover most of the bases while following some traditional fantasy tropes:

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  • Spear/Bow: If you like to play as a ranger type, which is viable in PVE, the spear/bow combo is a strong one. The bow pushes out strong DPS, while you can switch to spear to clear a swath in front of you if enemies get too close.
  • Ice Gauntlet/fire Staff: For the classic mage DPS route, the ice gauntlet/fire staff combo is pretty unstoppable. The fire staff offers both high damage and solid crowd control, while the ice gauntlet regens mana alongside strong defense.
  • Rapier/Musket: A potentially lethal swashbuckling combo, but only really against single targets. Both weapons have the potential to do massive damage, while the rapier is strong defensively one-on-one. But you’ll need a steady aim and friends to deal with adds.

Best PVE tank build: Sword and Shield/Greatsword

There’s not a great need for tanking in New World, as there are so many interesting DPS options that also have strong defensive traits. But if you want to play that role, sword and shield is a must due to best-in-class defensive capabilities. Then, when the danger is past, switch to your greatsword to pound down some slow but awesome damage.

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