Destiny 2 – Temporary Clearance Granted Buff, explained

Beginning in week four of the Season of the seraph questline, Guardians will have the ability to choose one of three Infiltrator Gear upgrades at the Exo Frame. These will allow Destiny 2 players to progress through the various locked doors and laser grids in Operation: Seraph's Shield. The Security Clearance upgrade will grant Guardians the Temporary Clearance Granted buff when interacting with locked doors. But it's not as simple as opening the door. Here's how to get in.

How to open locked doors in Operation: Seraph's Shield

After interacting with the door, Guardians will get the Temporary Clearance Buff. This will persist for 30 seconds. Look on the left side of the door and you'll see a pattern. Within the room, there will be three panels with different patterns. Shoot the correct pattern to assemble the BrayTech Org symbol. Once all three have been activated, the door will open.

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It's a bit silly and convoluted. But, that's the way that Destiny 2 operates sometimes. Note that if you or another on your fireteam has this upgrade unlocked, you can open the doors for your fellow Guardians. It only takes a few seconds to do and helps them nail down all 50 of the Revision Zero nodes.

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