Elon Musk Slashes Crypto Bot Activities with One Tweet, DOGE Co-Founder Verifies

Elon Musk, who purchased Twitter earlier this year, has been very vocal about his aim to get rid of crypto bods from the micro-blogging platform. Musk, over the weekend, tweeted a warning targeted at the bots swarming around on the social networking app. Soon after, industry members including Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus confirmed that bot activities did dip down on Twitter following Musk's alert. Musk wishes to take bots off Twitter, where a bunch of suspicious and potentially dangerous scam threats are exposing millions of people to financial risks.

Musk has claimed that a bunch of people are running bots and troll accounts on Twitter and their identified IP address will soon be tackled by the Twitter team.

Dogecoin's Markus, along with Bitcoin analyst who goes by the name of PlanB on Twitter, ran tests to check if the bot army subside its activities post Musk's warning.

They also congratulated the Tesla and SpaceX CEO on making progress with his anti-bot plans.

In May, crypto intelligence firm LunarCrush claimed that the spam volume on Twitter has risen by 1,374 percent in the last three years.

Back in August, a cyber security analyst who goes by the name of ‘Serpent' tweeted to his followers that the crypto community is very unsafe on Twitter.

As per Serpent, bad actors have been pretending to be helping victims of phishing scams and later using the ‘crypto recovery scam' technique to further dupe them. The scammers claim to be blockchain developers and ask for a fee to deploy a smart contract to recover stolen funds before they charge a fee and flee.

Under the circumstances, Musk has vouched to take down bot accounts as soon as they are identified.

“Twitter will also be moving to prosecute scammers anywhere on Earth,” the multi-billionaire noted.

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