Fletchling Featchers Locations & Map – Where to Farm in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  1. Fletchling Featchers Locations – Where to Farm
    1. Fletchling Spawn Locations Map
    2. Fletchinder Spawn Locations Map
  2. TM Recipes with Fletchling Featchers
  3. More TM Ingredient Locations

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, while you’re working through the main story and collecting all the Pokemon you can, you’ll come across Technical Machines, which allows players to learn recipes to teach their Pokemon new moves. It can get overwhelming trying to remember where ingredients and recipes are, though. If you need to know how to get Fletchling Featchers, we have all of the locations with detailed maps to help you farm it with ease.

Fletchling Featchers Locations – Where to Farm

You can find Fletchling Featchers as a drop from members of the Fletchling family, so that includes Fletchling and Fletchinder. You will find Fletchling farming locations at South Province (Area One and Two). Additionally, Fletchinder farming locations are found at South Province (Area Four and Five) and West Province (Area Three).

The item will drop after doing battle with the Pokemon, so you will want to head to an area where they are known to spawn and ideally, an area where they spawn readily.

Fletchling Spawn Locations Map

Psv Map Fletchling Image
Image Source: Serbii.net

Fletchinder Spawn Locations Map

Psv Map Fletchinder Image
Image Source: Serbii.net

We recommend utilizing the Auto Battle feature to quickly work your way through farming for Fletchling Featchers. You will press the R button to have your lead Pokemon walk with you, and they can then battle wild Pokemon and fetch items on their own. (Pressing ZR will recall them.)

TM Recipes with Fletchling Featchers

All TM Recipes must be learned, and they are acquired from defeating gym leaders, as rewards for battling trainers, found throughout Paldea, and more. Initially, you may find yourself with only a few available, but as you progress through the game, more will become craftable. All TM recipes require League Points (LP) and items dropped by specific Pokemon.

  • TM032 Swift
  • TM027 Aerial Ace
  • TM004 Agility
  • TM038 Flame Charge
  • TM165 Flare Blitz

More TM Ingredient Locations

There are more TM Ingredients to be found and farmed! If you need help finding out where to farm other TM Ingredients, check out some of our other guides.

We hoped this helped you get Fletchling Featchers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so you progress further in the game! Check out more of our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet coverage.


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