Fortnite Escape Room Codes (December 2022) – Best Escape Room Maps!

  1. Best Fortnite Escape Room Maps
    1. Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape
    2. Simple Escape
    3. Backrooms Escape
    4. Scary Escape Room
    5. The Night Falls
    6. The Hudson Mansion
    7. -Escape-
    8. Subway Escape
    9. Cruise Ship Escape
    10. Agents Escape
    11. Trick or Treat Escape Horror
    12. The Yacht Escape Map
    13. Escape Game - A Night of Horror
    14. First Person Visual Escape
  2. How to use Fortnite Escape Room Codes?
  3. What is a Fortnite Escape Room?

Depending on the map, escape rooms can be a bit more relaxed, or they can be tense. If you're looking to have some fun with friends or want to chill out and escape from exciting environments, we've got the best Fortnite escape room codes!

While some of these maps are more difficult, you will find plenty of them that can be done with relative ease. We've chosen some of the best Fortnite Escape Room codes, so you don't have to waste time searching the web.

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Best Fortnite Escape Room Maps

Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape

Image via jkr_julian

Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape Map Codes: 7962-7507-1539

This Escape Room experience, following the story-based horror series Evil Awaits by jkr_julian, allows you to experience the same delightful horror and mysteries with a minigame twist. Test your skills in various haunted locations such as a haunted house, a school, a graveyard, a cabin, and a prison. You can even team up with your friends in your attempt to escape or choose to go solo for an even more spine-chilling adventure.

Simple Escape

Simple Escape Map Codes: 0446-0600-1321

Enjoy Escape Rooms but want a chill version you can play with your friends? Simple Escape is the solution for you. This experience has the puzzles and mysteries of any great escape game but is easy and straightforward for players to figure out. You can have fun while escaping multiple levels and discovering new secrets without any added stress.

Backrooms Escape

Image via son-of-raceface

Backrooms Escape Map Codes: 0644-4047-0847

The iconic horrifying Backrooms maze comes to life in this escape room experience. Adventure the mysterious halls and try to find your way out. You can enjoy the thrill and puzzles with this casual escape room mode, designed to be just easy enough for you to relax while you play. You never know what might be hiding around each matching corner.

Scary Escape Room

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Scary Escape Room Map Code: 7883-4404-0946

This is a 55-level escape room that incorporates unique but simple puzzles puzzles into a haunting environment. Most of the levels are short and require you to discover a specific object that will open a hidden pathway and to progress. Although it doesn't fit the typical expectations you might have for an escape room, you'll feel encouraged to keep going as each level has its own special theme and means of escape!

The Night Falls

The Night Falls Map Code: 6141-8703-8926

Although it is more action-focused than most escape room maps, you'll frequently find yourself in flight or fight mode on this horrific map. Hopefully, you choose fight every time, because running away will get you nowhere fast in The Night Falls. Pick off the undead as they try to stop you from escaping or you'll end up on their team!

The Hudson Mansion

The Hudson Mansion Map Code: 4293-5026-9534

The Hudson Mansion is a map designed to build suspense for the player, so be prepared for something scary if you want to give this map a shot. Strangely enough, you start the map trying to get into a mansion rather than escape it. But, when you see what's inside, you'll definitely see why you'll want to escape!


Image via bytenpa

-Escape- Map Code: 0788-8208-1945

True to its name, -Escape- is a basic Fortnite map where your only goal is to escape. You can play with others, but it is not a collaborative or competitive! Unlikes most other maps of this genre, this one doesn't put heavy focus on solving puzzles. You must parkour your way through the tower before you meet your doom in the rising water. This map was featured on Epic's Picks in the Fortnite Discover tab!

Subway Escape

Subway Escape Part 1 Code: 0168-4640-6811
Subway Escape Part 2 Code: 7663-2862-3636

Subway Escape is a two-part escape game that created by Wishbone_45 (who is listed multiple times on this list, as well as several other of our Best Fortnite Maps lists. The original map was created in 2020 and has since accumulated over one million plays on Fortnite. This ranks it as one of the most popular Fortnite maps of all time, and part two only continues the challenge!

Cruise Ship Escape

Cruise Ship Escape 3 Fortnite Code: 2798-4561-6810
Cruise Ship Escape 2 Fortnite Code: 4816-5359-0327
Cruise Ship Escape 1 Fortnite Code: 6697-1781-1082

Popular Fortnite creator Wishbone-45 has dropped the next installment in this cruise-themed escape map, where you must find your way off a ship in the middle of the ocean! It takes a clever person to earn enough money to afford a cruise ship, but you might feel less clever when you realize you've bought a ticket to a water-logged death trap. Avoid watching too much of the video above if you don't want to spoil the surprise!

Agents Escape

Escape Room Agent Escape
Image via Epic Games

Escape Room Agents Escape map code: 8512-0541-8119

Become a spy and prove your mettle in many challenges. The map is filled with plants that hide dangerous traps, so quickness is not as important as attention to detail. Some rooms look like they're from some museum (of old closets?), which is an interesting combination with deadly plants.

Trick or Treat Escape Horror

Trick or Treat Escape Horror
Image via Epic Games

Escape Room Trick or Treat Escape Horror map code: 0488-5674-4701

We all need some good scares from time to time, right? Maximize your experience by playing at night with headphones on so that you can enjoy this Fortnite escape room map. In this scary Trick or Treat, you'll face your fears on multiple Halloween-themed levels. Watch out for jump scares!

The Yacht Escape Map

yacht fortnite escape room
Image via Epic Games

The Yacht Escape Map code: 2157-9440-2192

You'll usually come to a yacht to enjoy and not try to escape from it (unless you're that 007 guy). This map will test your brain processor as you try to find all the clues necessary for escape. We don't want to spoil anything, but you'll go out with a bang in the end!

Escape Game - A Night of Horror

Escape game a night of horror
Image via Epic Games

Escape Game - A night of Horror map code: 6299-1937-3043

What's scarier than a cemetery with zombies in the middle of the night? For example, being trapped in one! Grab your faithful flashlight and try to solve the puzzle before some undead come for your brain!

First Person Visual Escape

first person visual escape fortnite
Image via Epic Games

First Person Visual Escape map code: 1211-9143-2539

Do you ever feel trapped in that third-person Fortnite surrounding? Well, now you can feel trapped in classic first-person style! Changing your point of view can be a little strange at first, especially when you try to jump. But whoever said that escaping is easy?

How to use Fortnite Escape Room Codes?

To play some Fortnite Escape Room maps, you'll need to enter a code. With it, you can play that map alone or with other people. You can enter a Fortnite map code in a few easy steps.

fortnite island code
Screenshot by Pro Game Guide
  1. Enter the game. In Fortnite Lobby, press the Discovery button in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on a Creative section.
  3. Type in the Prop Hunt code in the code box.
  4. Press Enter to confirm map choice. 
  5. Return to the lobby and press Play to launch the game mode.

If you want, you can use Fortnite Escape Room codes in-game. Go to an island in the Welcome Hub, enter the code, and the map will be available. 

What is a Fortnite Escape Room?

Fortnite Escape Room is a game mode where players try to find the exit by solving puzzles, finding clues, and finding secret items and buttons. Usually, there's a time limit in which you have to find a way out, which means you have to think fast.

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