Hardest Bosses in God of War Ragnarok, Ranked

  1. Top five hardest bosses to beat in God of War Ragnarok
    1. 5. Hrist and Mist
    2. 4. Odin
    3. 3. Nidhogg
    4. 2. King Hrolf Kraki
    5. 1. Gna

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God of War Ragnarok continues on their predecessor's set path, giving the players new and challenging obstacles to overcome. One such feature the God of War franchise is known for is the famous boss fights. The latest installment continues to bring us some challenging and diverse bosses to beat from the Nordic pantheon.

Top five hardest bosses to beat in God of War Ragnarok

5. Hrist and Mist

This dynamic duo of Valkyries will give you a throwback to the previous game, reminding you how difficult they were to beat. They use both ranged and heavy melee attacks to fight Kratos. Expect to be attacked from multiple sides here, so defensive play is a preferable strategy. This boss fight will be a two-stage challenge, so it would be wise to gear up accordingly.

4. Odin

Odin is the arch-enemy in this God of War installment, and the game sets the mood for the final fight with him very effectively in a heartwrenching sequence that happens right before. He is not a bruiser like previous bosses in the game, but a true trickster, relying on magic-heavy attacks and trickery to hurt Kratos. There are multiple rounds in this boss fight, the last one ending in his study, where you finally get to unleash a proper beating on him.

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3. Nidhogg

Nidhogg is a giant serpent that gnaws the roots of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Freya interacting with the Tree's roots will awaken him, forcing you into a battle. There are multiple stages to this combat, the first being with Nidhogg stuck inside the rift. During this phase, he will bite and claw at Kratos. Nidhogg is a formidable opponent with unique attacks and can deal Bifrost damage to Kratos, so be ready. Try to learn the attack patterns as soon as possible because he will be much faster in the third stage.

2. King Hrolf Kraki

King Hrolf Kraki is a berserker king and an optional boss fight in Midgard. To fight him, you must first beat all other boss berserkers. King Hrolf incorporates their attacks and defenses but is more aggressive. Dodging and pairing are imperative during this fight, as the berserker king will actively try to go through your blocks to inflict massive damage. His attacks also incorporate elemental effects, such as fire, frost, shock, and more. Before the fight, practice and equip your chosen Runic ability to maximize your chance for success.

1. Gna

Valkyries are notoriously difficult to deal with in God of War's Nordic series, and this part gives us a Valkyrie Queen Gna and a boss fight to remember. Beating the Valkyrie Queen will not be easy, even with maxed-out equipment and stats. The players have reported having trouble memorizing her attacks, which are very unpredictable. They are diverse and quite fast, leaving you with a small time window to avoid them, and they are all very damaging. You can't block most of them, so you'll need to memorize them in order to know how and when to evade them. The most effective way to damage Gna is to either dodge her long-range attack or parry her wide-wing attacks, retaliating immediately with a quick combo.

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