How to add sockets to necklaces in WoW Dragonflight

When it comes to the endgame in World of Warcraft, every little bit helps. One way that players are able to get an extra edge in Raiding or Mythic+ content is to add sockets to their necklace so that complimenting gems can be socketed. Here's what you need to give yourself that little boost.

How to socket necklaces in World of Warcraft

Players can add up to three sockets to endgame necklaces thanks to Jewelcrafting. There is an item called Tiered Medallion Setting that will add one socket to an end-game Dragonflight necklace. A necklace can have up to three sockets and the quality of the item determines how many sockets it can add. A necklace at iLvl 385 will get one socket whereas iLvl 400 gets two and iLvl 415 gets three.

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Crafting the Tiered Medallion Setting requires an Awakened Order (1), Shimmering Clasp (1), Polishing Cloth (1), Lesser Illustrious Insight (1), Eternity Amber (20), and Silken Gemdust (12). It can be learned by Jewelcrafters after investing 30 Specialization Points into Settings. Note that when using the Tiered Medallion Setting, there are three qualities to consider: Quality 1, 2, and 3. If a necklace doesn't have any sockets, use Quality 1, 2, and then 3. If a necklace has one socket already, use Quality 2 and then 3.

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