How to beat Brhatu in Gungrave GORE

The return of Gungrave, Gungrave GORE, brings with it the over-the-top combat and boss battles the series is known for. While tips and tricks for Gungrave GORE will give you a big advantage when heading into the game for the first time, the best preparation you can do for boss fights is specifically learning their strengths and weaknesses. This guide tackles Brhatu, a hulking abomination of muscle and sinew that comes at you with pure brute strength.

How to beat Brhatu in Gungrave GORE

First, you should focus on kiting around Brhatu's arena, staying as far away from it as possible. Many of Brhatu's attacks strike in a huge area in front of or around it, so keeping your distance will save you from the massive damage they deal.

Phase One

  • Right punch, left punch, overhead slam: Brhatu will run up to you and begin a three-attack combo of a right punch into the ground, followed by a left punch, and finally raising both fists into the air before slamming the ground. All three attacks hit in a large circle in front of Bhatu.
  • Quick jump slam: Bhatu will jump slightly before quickly landing, slamming a large area around itself.
  • Jump into overhead slam: Brhatu will jump up and forward at you before quickly landing with both fists slamming the ground. It is almost the same as the quick jump slam, but it covers more distance.
  • Quick jab: Brhatu will swipe at the player with a quick right jab. This is the only attack that doesn't hit in an area.

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Phase Two

Upon reaching half health, blue light will form in cracks on Brhatu's body, causing it to gain a glow. In this phase, Brhatu will use all of the attacks from Phase One with increased damage while gaining some a new attack called Leap slam. For this attack, Brhatu quickly leaps high into the air before slamming back down, dealing damage in a massive area. You will most likely need to dodge this attack rather than get out of its radius, as it covers most of the arena.

Other tips

As stated previously, keeping as far away from Brhatu as possible will make this fight much easier, so back away from the boss while constantly firing your pistols. Good dodge timing will also be required to dodge attacks when you get caught too close to Brhatu. Note that patience is a virtue with this boss due to its large health pool. Lastly, don't forget to use Fury Mode whenever possible to increase your damage output to end the fight quickly.

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