How to ‘Find Arashakun in the cave’ in Genshin Impact

There are a lot of challenges awaiting you in Genshin Impact, so it's easy to overlook some exciting missions. One of them is an assignment to find Arashakun in the cave, which is part of the world quest Courage is in the Heart in the Sumeru region. Here's how to find Arashakun in the cave in Genshin Impact so you can complete a larger quest.

Arashakun cave location in Genshin Impact

Image by Pro Game Guides via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Refer to the map above to find the cave where Arashakun is hiding. It's important to talk to this creature as that is essential to completing the Courage in the Heart quest. Follow these instructions to find Arashakun, who is searching for courage in the cave:

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  1. From The Palace of Alcazarzaray, follow the road that leads to the cave in the west.
  2. Get into that cave and head straight.
  3. Defeat Hydro Slime.
  4. Talk to Arashakun and help him restore his courage by giving him Florescent Talisman.
  5. Speak again with Arashakun, and you'll get to locate and fight Furry Mask Demon King.
  6. Defeat the Furry Mask Demon King boss.
  7. Return to Arashakun to complete the quest.

By following these steps, you'll not just find Arashakun in the cave in Genshin Impact, but you'll also complete the Courage is in the Heart hidden quest. As a reward for completing this noble quest, you'll get the As the Lion Searched for Courage achievement.

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