How to get the Victory is a Mindset Sumeru Achievement in Genshin Impact

Victory is a Mindset is a Genshin Impact Challenge: Series VI Achievement that can be obtained by interrupting the energy flow of the Aeonblight Drake, only through the means of attacking the core on its head. To unlock it, you must challenge the Aeonblight Drake in its cave underneath Devantaka Mountain and make sure to have a bow user on your team.

How to interrupt the energy flow of the Aeonblight Drake in Genshin Impact

Start by heading to the Aeonblight Drake's cave in the depths of Devantaka Mountain. You must challenge the boss and wait for it to activate its core, which can only be shot down with a bow. As such, you absolutely need a bow user on your team. We recommend not draining the boss' HP early on to ensure that you get this Achievement.

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Upon starting the battle, you need to wait until the Aeonblight Drake takes the exact stance pictured in the image above. It will remain standing for a while, and its wings will raise together to form a huge ball of energy. While this is happening, switch to your bow user and quickly shoot its core (circled in the image above). If you successfully do so, you'll unlock the Challenger: Series VI Achievement called Victory is a Mindset.

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