Jump for joy at Princess Farmer’s mobile release date

After Whitethorn Games released the game on Nintendo Switch last year, we finally have a Princess Farmer mobile release date for both iOS and Android. Not only is the game making the jump to mobile, but there’s version-exclusive content coming as well.

This adorable magical girl-inspired game combines match-three gameplay with visual novel elements. Also, all of the characters are bunnies! The story follows Princess Farmer as she goes about her days as a one-woman farming machine.

To make the experience even cuter, you can unlock different ‘Hare Dyes’ (get it, because they’re rabbits) to change the style and outfit of Princess Farmer.

When is the Princess Farmer mobile release date?

Princess Farmer is coming to iOS and Android on January 31, 2023.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Princess Farmer mobile release date. If you’re after more pixel-farming fun, check out our Stardew Valley farm layout guide.


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