Marvel Snap – Featured Location Rickety Bridge, explained

Every week on Tuesday Marvel Snap receives a new Featured Location that appears 40% more often for two days before being added to the game permanently. In the past, Featured Locations like Marvel Snap's Altar of Death heavily changed the play rate of certain decks and in some cases created entirely new ones for its duration. The same goes for Rickety Bridge, a confusing and hard-to-lock-down location that punishes players for playing into it.

How does Rickety Bridge work in Marvel Snap?

As Rickety Bridge states in its text, after each turn if there is more than one card at its location, destroy the cards. This means that if two or more cards are at the location, they will be destroyed at the end of the turn. This is any combination of two or more cards, meaning if you play two cards on your side of the location or if you and your opponent each have one card there, they will be destroyed. The location does not care which side cards are on and will destroy any cards without exception.

Thus, the best cards to play into this location are going to be ones that benefit from being destroyed, ones that can't be destroyed, or ones that can lock your opponent out from playing into it.

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The best cards for Marvel Snap's Rickety Bridge location

  • Colossus: due to Colossus being indestructible and immovable, he is able to potentially take Rickety Bridge by himself if your opponent has no way to stop him. His presence in the bridge will lock out any cards from your opponent as they will be destroyed, so as long as they aren't running Bucky Barnes, you should be in the clear.
  • Bucky Barnes: speaking of, Bucky Barnes can also lock out the Rickety Bridge with his presence due to his destruction spawning a six Power Winter Soldier. If your opponent attempts to play any cards into the location, they will be destroyed along with Bucky, spawning a Winter Soldier and requiring them to give up the location or invest more resources into it.
  • Armor: though Armor allows your opponent to play into Rickety Bridge alongside you due to it stopping destruction at the location, it also stops opposing Destroy decks from taking advantage of the location. Specifically, Armor immediately takes Bucky Barnes out of the game by preventing its destruction, making it very strong in similar scenarios.
  • Spider-Man: with the ability to lock your opponent out of the location the following turn, a turn five Spider-man in Rickety Bridge can take the location by itself, making it a very strong choice if ran with Daredevil.
  • Professor X: Professor X is strong into Rickety Bridge for the same reason as Spider-Man, but Professor X completely locks down the location, causing it to win against many more cards than Spider-Man.
  • Doctor Octopus: everyone's favorite all-in card is actually very strong into Rickety Bridge. With its On Reveal effect of pulling up to four cards out of your opponent's hand and placing them in the location, Doctor Octopus can potentially destroy himself but also four of your opponent's key cards, making it a hilarious and powerful play.
  • Klaw and Mr. Fantastic: these two are lumped together because both Klaw and Mr. Fantastic excel at putting Power into locations. With Klaw giving the location to his right six Power and Mr. Fantastic giving adjacent locations two Power, both cards are excellent choices to take Rickety Bridge.

Past these cards, using location-changing cards (Magik, Scarlet Witch, Storm, or Rhino) to take Rickety Bridge out of the equation entirely is also a solid strategy, as many players are going to be building their decks around the location.

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