PlayStation announces Returnal PC release date and features

PlayStation has just released a new PC features trailer for Returnal, the hit roguelike action shooter from 2021. Originally a PlayStation 5 exclusive, today’s trailer reveals that Returnal will finally reach PC users on February 15th, 2023.

The port will include a variety of new enhancements, such as screen optimizations and raytracing. For a list of all the upcoming features, here’s the full trailer from PlayStation’s YouTube channel:

Returnal was a very ambitious project, which aimed to maximize replay value with a time loop gimmick that changes its procedural world in every run. The devs even managed to add cooperative multiplayer later on with a free update, which is highly unusual and probably required a tremendous amount of work.

Of course, a co-op roguelike will really test your friendships. The difficulty level has been considered a little too steep, but that’s relative, especially for a roguelike. Either way, the art design, storytelling, and action definitely excel. It’s comparable to the Alien franchise’s blend of patient, survival horror between brisk action sequences.

Some fans are annoyed that PlayStation 5 is losing an exclusive, as such titles are already few and far between. But Returnal won Best Game at the BAFTA 2022 awards, so it’s natural to see it expand. The game will certainly find new legs with the PC audience, especially with the technological incentives.

Returnal will come with some expected features like ultrawide screen support, but the NVIDIA DLSS confirmation is sure to please. NVIDIA’s technology continues to drive the gaming industry, and their game reveals at CES 2023 made a serious impact for the selected titles.

It’s still a relief to find that multiplayer and DualSense controller features will both carry over onto the PC port via internet connection, though most PC users prefer MNK.

You can read more about Returnal, upcoming ports, and other big PlayStation updates by checking out the rest of our news section!


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