Project Sekai events

  1. Current Project Sekai events
    1. Colorful Stage! X Aku no Taizai Series Crossover Celebration Login Campaign
    2. Memoirs of Wrongdoings Gacha
    3. Same Dreams, Same Colors event
    4. Embarking on a Winter Railway Gacha
  2. Upcoming Project Sekai events
    1. Christmas Show 2022
    2. Other upcoming Project Sekai events

Whether it’s new Gacha banners you’re after or more backstories for your faves, our Project Sekai events guide is the place to be if you want to stay up to date with all the fun events going on in Sekai. 

That being said, the Project Sekai event schedule changes practically every week, so you’ll want to make sure you bookmark this page to come back to later! If you’re new to Project Sekai or just want to learn more about your faves, check out our handy Project Sekai cards guide and Project Sekai characters guide to help you know who you want to pull for on the upcoming Gacha banners.

Now, let’s get into the current Project Sekai events.

Current Project Sekai events

These are all of the events happening in the EN version of Project Sekai right now, so make sure you log on to take part. Some of this content is limited, so get it before it goes!

Project Sekai events: Kaito's three-star Christmas gacha card

Colorful Stage! X Aku no Taizai Series Crossover Celebration Login Campaign

December 14 – December 28

You only need to log in once during this period to redeem the event-exclusive two-star card, (The Slothful, Sleepless Widow) Hatsune Miku, and a Brioche item that restores ten bonus energy. There’s also a new Sekai you can visit.

Project Sekai events: Kagamine Rin's four-star Memoirs of Wrongdoings Gacha card

Memoirs of Wrongdoings Gacha

December 14 – December 27

This Gacha features five new crossover exclusive four-star cards that all come with costumes and hairstyles.

  • (The Arrogant Princess) Kagamine Rin – comes with Lucifenia Kingdom’s Formal Dress costume
  • (The Twin Servant) Kagamine Len – comes with Lucifenia Kingdom’s Servant Attire costume
  • (The Madly Envious Tailor) Megurine Luka – comes with Bloodstained Insanity Dress costume
  • (The Evil Food Eater) Meiko – comes with Female Duke’s Bewitching Dress costume
  • (The Greedy Judge) Kaito – comes with USE Dark Star Bureau’s Judge Attire costume

Project Sekai events: Toya in his four-star untrained Embarking on a Winter Railway Gacha card

Same Dreams, Same Colors event

December 20 – December 29

This event revolves around Vivid Bad Squad, particularly Toya, as he battles with the lack of experiences he’s had in life. Luka also arrives in the Street Sekai! 

Participate in Shows to earn Event Points to unlock the story and redeem cards and items. Increase the number of Event Points you get by using cards with the Pure attribute, and from the Vivid Bad Squad subgroup.

An After Show is available to watch when the event ends on December 29. You can redeem 300 Crystals and a Toya stamp for participating.

Embarking on a Winter Railway Gacha

December 20 – December 31

This Gacha features three new four-star Vivid Bad Squad cards, all with the Pure attribute.

  • (Outdoor Cooking!) Aoyagi Toya – comes with Winter Camp Jacket costume
  • (A Chat on a Winter Night) Shinonome Akito – comes with Autumn Camp Jacket costume
  • (BBQ With Everyone ♪) Shiraishi An

Upcoming Project Sekai events

Project Sekai events: Minori's four-star Christmas Gacha card

Christmas Show 2022

A special Virtual Show will be available for a limited time to celebrate Christmas. The shows will run from December 24, 00:00 PST/08:00 GMT to December 25, 23:00 PST/December 26, 07:00 GMT, with each show lasting just under 13 minutes.

The show will feature all six Virtual Singers, and all four human members of Wonderlands x Showtime, plus Miku in her Wonderlands Sekai outfit.

For participating, you will get 100 Wish Pieces and a special Christmas 2022 title to add to your profile. Limited time items will be available to purchase from the Virtual Shop. These are:

  • Glow Stick: Happy Bell Glow Stick
  • Full Costume: Santa Claus
  • Accessory: Reindeer Headband

Other upcoming Project Sekai events

Project Sekai events: Len in his Anniversary Gacha card

There are some events that we know are coming to the EN Project Sekai server, but we aren’t quite sure of the details just yet. Check back soon to find out more about these events:

  • Christmas Virtual Show
  • Rin and Len’s Anniversary Show/Gacha
  • 2023 New Year Colorful Festival Gacha
  • The Tomorrow We Hope For Cheerful Carnival Event
  • New Year’s Countdown Show
  • 2023 New Year Premium Gift Gacha
  • 2023 Sekai Shrine Omikuji

And that’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Project Sekai events. Be sure to check back here regularly to keep up to date. If you like mobile games, why not check out our My Singing Monsters breeding guide?


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