Raw Meat Locations in Genshin Impact

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  1. Raw Meat Locations – Where to Buy
  2. Raw Meat Farming Locations – How to Farm
  3. Raw Meat Processing Recipe
  4. Raw Meat Recipes
  5. More Genshin Impact Cooking Ingredients

Genshin Impact is an action, RPG where players explore the world of Teyvat and seek knowledge from The Seven, the gods of each element, as players journey through the storyline. While playing, players can collect various materials throughout the regions that are used later in the game. If you need to know how to get Raw Meat in Genshin Impact, we have a detailed guide to assist in obtaining this item.

Raw Meat Locations – Where to Buy

To buy Raw Meat, it can purchased from the vendor Ashpazi, Azalai, Draff for 240-280 Mora. You can then use this ingredient in the creation of food dishes, and those food dishes typically have a positive impact on player or party members once consumed.

Raw Meat Farming Locations – How to Farm

Raw Meat can be found can be farmed by killing wild beasts throughout Teyvcat, who will then drop raw meat, if you are looking to gather this ingredient instead of purchasing it.

Raw Meat Processing Recipe

You can make Raw Meat by processing 1x Chilled Meat for 1 minute yields 1x Raw Meat. Processing involves using at least one ingredient and the passage of time to turn an ingredient (or a set of ingredients) into a new ingredient.

Raw Meat Recipes

These are the current recipes that you can make using Raw Meat. The game describes this ingredient as: “A fresh chunk of meat. Handled properly, it can be used to make delicious food.

  • Bacon
  • Bamboo Shoot Soup
  • Biryani
  • Braised Meat
  • Chili Mince Cornbread Buns
  • Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies
  • Come and Get It
  • Cream Stew
  • Flaming Red Bolognese
  • Flash-Fried Filet
  • Ham
  • Invigorating Kitty Meal
  • Katsu Sandwich
  • Matsutake Meat Rolls
  • Meat Lovers’ Mushroom Pizza
  • Minty Meat Rolls
  • Mixed Yakisoba
  • Moon Pie
  • Mora Meat
  • Mysterious Bolognese
  • No Tomorrow
  • Noodles with Mountain Delicacies
  • Northern Apple Stew
  • Outrider’s Champion Steak
  • Pita Pocket
  • Qiakun Mora Meat
  • Samosa
  • Sausage
  • Shawarma Wrap
  • Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup
  • Spicy Stew
  • Steak
  • Sticky Honey Roast
  • Stir-Fried Filet
  • Stormcrest Pie
    The Only Truth
  • Tianshu Meat
  • Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Tri-Flavored Skewer
  • Victorious Legend
  • Way of the Strong
  • Yearning
  • Zhongyuan Chop Suey

More Genshin Impact Cooking Ingredients

If you want to learn how to get other Cooking Ingredients, check out our guides below!

We hoped this helped you figure out how to get Raw Meat in Genshin Impact and made it so you could craft an item/make a recipe with ease. You can check out more of our Genshin Impact coverage as well as our Genshin Impact codes.


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