Rokaplay announces Steam Game Fest for Cozy and Friendly games

Rokaplay, an indie developer based in Germany, has just revealed they plan to host a big Steam event featuring a variety of cozy and family-friendly titles. Rokaplay’s official site reinforces they are inspired by Nintendo, and they intend to continue expanding their own friendly library accordingly.

Now, they’re going to showcase other creators too. A date hasn’t been confirmed for the event, just yet. But developers with cozy games that are out now, or will release sometime in 2023, will only have until February 10th, 2023, to sign up. Here’s the event announcement tweet from Rokaplay:

Rokaplay has developed a number of games, all of which fit the mold of their mission statement. A lot of their titles tend to look pleasant and involve upbeat features. This includes co-op, and even local co-op, a lost art that allows families to play together.

Solarpunk and Spells & Secrets are Rokaplay’s upcoming highlights. Solarpunk is a construction, crafting, and exploration sim set on advanced floating islands. Spells & Secrets is a roguelike that basically riffs on the Wizarding World, an action adventure set at a school for magic. Both games have warm, colorful settings, and mechanics that don’t seem to be especially challenging or innovative.

Put simply, Rokaplay should deliver on their promise to create a comfortable experience. And as many games in the simulation genre will tell you, that can be quite successful. It can also be very rewarding, as in Animal Crossing or Power Wash Simulator. Even puzzle games can be soothing with the right approach.

So, it’ll be a joy to see what developers have to offer Rokaplay’s big event. Indies have the freedom to create smaller, bolder, and more diverse stories. So, there’ll probably be a lot of indie simulators and pixel art, and that would be terrific. Also, Rokaplay will surely participate themselves, and update fans on their upcoming titles like Solarpunk.

You can read more about Rokaplay, Solarpunk, and other upcoming indies or events by checking out the rest of our news section!


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