Runaway announces “Flutter Away” with new trailer

Runaway, an indie studio from New Zealand known for their cozy nature games, has just revealed their latest title Flutter Away with an announcement trailer. Flutter Away will be a nature exploration game set in the Amazon rainforest. A release window has not been confirmed yet, but you can wishlist the game on Steam now. Here’s the full trailer from developer and publisher Runaway’s YouTube channel:

Flutter Away is another entry in Runaway’s Flutter series, where Starlight featured a magical forest and Butterfly Sanctuary focused on the titular insect. Today’s trailer is a little broader, though it’s clear that Runaway is still interested in maintaining a consistent tone.

Flutter Away doesn’t seem to bother capturing the complexity and finer details of the Amazon. Instead, it opts for a colorful and easygoing approach, and perhaps the hook that caught everyone’s attention is the opportunity to befriend a capybara. Being the world’s largest living rodent, it is an odd animal that doesn’t end up in games a lot.

Basically, Flutter Away reinforces Runaway’s love for nature and friendly gameplay. It would actually be a perfect fit for Rokaplay’s Steam Game Fest, which they announced just yesterday in order to feature cozy and family friendly titles.

Flutter Away looks at the bright side of the Amazon rather than focusing on all the ways it can kill you, as seen in Green Hell, which recently announced a new building update.

Flutter Away looks pretty, charming, and soothing. However, its low budget graphics don’t compare to similar sim games, which may dissuade uncertain players. The mechanics are neat enough, with simple busywork that encourages players to discover and camp out. Overall, Flutter Away could please fans of the genre, but it probably won’t change anyone’s mind about these types of games.

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