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December 31, 2022: We added new Shadovis RPG codes!

If you love role-playing games but can’t keep up with all the triple-A titles, you should check out Shadovis RPG on Roblox to experience everything you can possibly love about the genre. However, as with any good RPG, items, XP, and power-ups play a vital role in the game, which is why we have this Shadovis RPG codes guide. Sure, some might say this is cheating, but we think it’s more resourceful. Plus, you can grab some great cosmetic items because kicking butt isn’t enough. You need to look good doing it.

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Shadovis RPG codes

Active codes:

  • jingle – 75 tokens (new!)
  • freebie – 1,000 Event Tokens
  • frosted – double XP for one hour
  • photon – photon ring
  • craft – ring of transmutation
  • sleepy – double XP for one hour
  • bells – 125 Event Tokens
  • late update enjoyers –  double XP for two hours
  • joindiscord – leafy sprig
  • swag – double XP for one hour
  • brokenasgame – 69 tokens
  • 60000likes – charged ice dagger
  • rockin – regular guitar
  • 75000likes – dusk blade
  • crafting enjoyer – double XP for one hour
  • 50000likes – giant bo staff
  • 25000likes – party hat
  • falchion – champions falchion
  • Million2 – wanwood antlers
  • 15000likes – party bazooka
  • Million – wanwood antlers
  • 7500likes – gold ring
  • Twitter – fledgling ringlet

Expired codes:

  • haunting
  • claws
  • 500likes
  • breezy
  • Burning

Shadovis RPG codes - a devil looking creature

What are Shadovis RPG codes?

Shadovis RPG codes provide you with valuable in-game items courtesy of the developer, The Elemental, who tends to add new ones for each milestone hit. So make sure you bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest goodies.

How do I redeem Shadovis RPG codes?

Redeeming Shadovis RPG codes is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Launch Shadovis RPG
  • Tap the ‘$’ icon
  • Tap ‘enter code’ at the bottom right of the screen
  • Enter your code
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your freebie!

There you have it, all the current Shadovis RPG codes. For some less blocky action, make sure you check out our best mobile RPGs list.


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