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Good morning tech fam, here are some quick tech updates for you to catch on to!
What’s New Today: OpenAI launches ChatGPT! It is a tool designed to interact in a controversial way with the ability to answer questions and admit to mistakes.
Fast-Track Insights: Trader Joe’s announces its expansion from Avalanche and into the Ethereum ecosystem, in an effort to tap into the potential of these emerging markets.
Twitter’s boss Elon Musk is working on eliminating a lot of spam accounts, which is why he warns Twitter users that the number of followers in their accounts may take a dip. Musk is also planning to raise Twitter’s character limit to 280 to 1000. Musk is bringing a lot of changes to Twitter, some of which are quite controversial, but some of these initiatives might end up becoming quite useful for Twitter users.
OpenAI launches ChatGPT which is designed to interact in a controversial way with the ability to answer follow-up questions and even admit mistakes. The chatbot can either be used to warn developers of smart contracts of their vulnerabilities or teach hackers how to exploit them.
Leeds City Council has partnered with the Co-op and Starship Technologies to offer the service to 20,000 residents in the Adel and Tinshill areas of grocery delivery robots. This scheme will help reduce the number of short journeys made by cars, advancing a sustainable and affordable way to get groceries delivered to their doorstep. Shapship plans to dress these robots as reindeer over the festive season.
The European Central bank says that Bitcoin is on the road to irrelevance while arguing about the regulatory legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been a hotbed for illegal transactions that brings reputational risks for any bank that gets involved with the sector. The value of the digital currency has also plummeted massively causing massive losses to the entire crypto community.
Trader Joe’s has announced its expansion into Avalanche into the Ethereum ecosystem, as part of its plans to access new markets and drive up user activity. The network is named Arbitrum One. The team said that they are working closely with Off-chain Labs to launch a testnet within the incoming days before officially deploying it onto the Arbitrum One Mainnet by January 2023.
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