Tribes of Midgard’s Witch Saga update is taking players to the Gates of Hel

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Tribes of Midgard developer Norsefell has put a lot of love into its Viking survival game. It shows through the quality of life improvements and deep connection to the beliefs of the culture its game draws from. With each new update, the game has only become more filled with the realms and deities from Norse tales. The Witch Saga update is bringing a new Realm for players to explore and other important changes.

In a press release and play session, Norsefell has given Try Hard Guides a first glimpse of what’s included in this update. The Saga Quest and new areas are begging to be explored, but you should be prepared to fight the coldest biome that Norsefell has created yet. This was apparent from the first step into Nifelheim, where you immediately begin to freeze and then lose health.

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Image: Norsefell

To combat this, players will either need to craft cold-resistant gear or make sure they spend the early parts of the game collecting supplies for cold-resistant potions and seafood. Once they get over that obstacle, they’ll have to search the new realm for different materials as well as quest fragments from completing the quests on the board at your base.

Once you are able to gather all the supplies, you’ll be able to take them directly to a man guarding a bridge. Make sure you’re prepared with your best weapons and gear before you cross the bridge. Luckily you can get more supplies for crafting by using the shovel to dig a hole and plant Essences, which work as seeds. In the playthrough we saw multiple, including mushrooms, stone, and turnips.

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Norsefell has also added new caves that work as mini dungeons where players can go to fight a handful of enemies and collect loot. Players can explore this on PC and Xbox together, as the developer has added crossplay between these two systems.

This Witch Saga update is out now for free on every platform where Tribes of Midgard is available.


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