We’ve discovered Rellor’s face in Pokémon, and we aren’t pleased

Sometimes, we see things that might be better left unseen. The recent release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet added another smattering of new ‘mons to the ballooning collection, and many have already earned their way into players’ hearts thanks to great designs. One of the more unassuming entries was Rellor, a little bug creature based on a scarab. Just an innocent little dude, or so we thought.

In the recent Pokémon 1,008 encounters presentation and a subsequent tweet, The Pokémon Company gave players a close-up glimpse of Rellor’s face, which many players didn’t even know existed. The results are…mixed, as some describe Rellor’s face as “nightmare fuel”, while another comment simply says “I don’t want to catch them all anymore”.

Rellor’s face has thick heavy eyebrows and seems to have a sinister grin, with one comment going as far as to compare it to Mr Bean. Finally, another statement perhaps puts it better than all the rest, as Twitter user @boywithwindmill simply asks, “why is the Pokémon a little pervert man”. With its little ball of ‘mud’ and its newly revealed face, we can’t say Rellor is our first pic when building a team, but we’re always grateful for fresh Pokémon memes.

If you want to join in the celebrations of the Pokédex finally hitting quadruple digits, you can check out the One Thousand Pokémon! Presentation from TPC themselves below. Content warning: Rellor’s horrid little face is in there somewhere.

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We hope we haven’t ruined your day with the reveal of Rellor’s face, but sometimes you just have to share the pain. However, if you’re now desperate to eviscerate every one of the filthy little bugs you see, you can head on over to our strongest Pokémon guide, and build the ultimate Pocket Monster to stomp on that disgusting little scarab man’s face.


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