What does AFK mean in Roblox? Answered

Roblox features an almost unlimited amount of games to play and has numerous players. The Roblox community thrives on its players and interactions, especially in role-playing titles. However, you may notice another player enter AFK in the chat as you play. This may leave you wondering what AFK means in Roblox.

AFK means Away From Keyboard. This is to let others know that you are not at your computer and, therefore, not playing at that moment. You can announce whether you are AFK or not, but the term applies to any instance when you are not at your keyboard.

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What happens if you go AFK in Roblox?

Typically, most Roblox games will kick you if you are AFK too long. This is usually around the 20-minute mark, meaning if you are away from the keyboard and your character remains inactive for this time, you will be removed from the game.

Make sure you do not remain AFK for 20 minutes, or you may come back and find that you are no longer in the game. You can prevent this by limiting how long you are AFK or by returning before the 20-minute mark and moving your character.

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