What is Good Boy Protocol in Destiny 2?

It's all been leading up to this. For weeks, Guardians have been wondering what the floating orbs around the various planets in Destiny 2 are for. With the option to unlock doors finally available, Guardians can delve deeper into the mysteries in the "Operation: Seraph's Shield" mission. But know that this journey will unlock something far greater than the IKELOS Protocol, the Good Boy Protocol.

What is behind the 50 Node door in Operation: Seraph's Shield?

After collecting all 50 nodes spread throughout the system (12 on Europa, 12 on the Moon, six in each Battleground, and 12 in Operation: Seraph's Shield), Guardians will be able to unlock a mystery door on the orbital station. Behind it is a series of lasers, a locked door, and a jumping sequence. But at the end, is something worth all the hassle. An Exo pup who has been sitting in the dark for who knows how long is in need of a good scritch. This is where you, the Guardian, must execute the Good Boy Protocol and give this pup a well-deserved pat.

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Fortunately for you and the pup, Ghost will transmit him to the H.E.L.M. where you can execute the Good Boy Protocol as much as you like. There's even a blanket and some pillows for this cybernetic pooch to rest under the protective gaze of Rasputin.

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