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  2. How to unlock Winking Pika Pick
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In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, one aspect of the game that is important to learn and take advantage of is the art of making sandwiches! While at your picnic table, you can make one of the many sandwich recipes available to you that you’ll then share with your Pokemon. Sandwiches require different ingredients and condiments, so if you need to know how to get Winking Pika Pick, we have the location and vendor(s) to get it from!

Winking Pika Pick Location

You can purchase Winking Pika Pick at Artisan Bakery for 1200 Pokedollars. This ingredient is used as a pick for a sandwich, which can have effects like improving catching power, raid power, item drop power, encounter power, and so on. Sandwiches can also use different fillings and condiments.

How to unlock Winking Pika Pick

To unlock Winking Pika Pick, you will need to have earned four gym badges, which is something players earn as they defeat Gym leaders. Most of the picks you’ll need to use to make sandwiches (as well as sandwich recipes) you can get access to from the NPC to the right of the counter in the Every Wich Way shop. You will get new recipes and picks unlocked with every new gym badge you earn.

More Sandwich Picks Locations

We have guides to finding all of the picks for sandwich making in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – here are some of them below!

We hoped this helped you find Winking Pika Pick in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so you can make your dream sandwich and get the added benefits! Check out more of our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet coverage.


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